My not so Green Thumb.

I am too ashamed to show you pictures of the dried out tomatoes and cilantro. I just can't go there right now. I'm still lecturing the basil on drying out before I got my act together to make pesto. Although winter is fast approaching, I am starting to see an improvement in my 'gardening skills', or the plants are adapting to my 'water-when-i-feel-like-it' mentality (thanks mom!).

So, where were we? jog your brain cells, I planted these babies back in April. Things that I have learned:

-The Topsy Turvy, not so great. For the price, and given that I have limited space to plant it was okay. But there just isn't enough dirt/nutrients for tomatoes to juice on. I had a few lone rangers out there, but my fellow squirrels beat me to the punch...but they were nice enough to leave the scraps on the deck...just to rub it in.

-Rosemary has thick skin. I think it's going through the tryouts right now to join any and all Minneapolis gangs. It survived falling off the deck twice from harsh winds, me not watering it for weeks, and any animals that flock our way. I'm almost too proud of it to eat it.

-Basil is just as tough, but they need their space. They prefer a one bedroom, and totally kicked cilantro to the curb hard. I loved cutting a few leaves for my caprese all summer. mmmm

-Peppers are so cute when they are small, and should never be allowed to grow into adulthood.

This guy is hanging on to dear life, I think it's taking a nap. Joining gangs can be exhausting. BUT, it smells delicious

SO CUTE. amiright? I have NO idea when to pick them, but it'll probably be around the time they grow too big to be cute little vegetables anymore. These babies are growing inside too, so squirrels BACK OFF!

This week just hasn't been good in the jenn-can-cook-and-grow-her-own-food category. Once again- any and all suggestions will be welcomed and will be filed under "read this next summer when you want to try and fail at this again"

Over and out kiddos!

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