Pouf the Magic Dragon

Sew This Hot Accent Today 

HA, no I didn't make those. Better Homes and Gardens did those gems. I tried. And perhaps succeeded? I wish mine was a bit taller, its good for sitting but just not tall enough for the feet. Whatevs. Also, debating putting that stitching on, it makes me nervous. But the top and bottom cap are fused on, zero stitching. So we'll see how long it lasts! HA. Here she blows:

Also, zero process pics sorryboutit, because why re-invent the wheel? If you wanna make one yourself- click the BHG link above- word to the wise, print and copy their template...NO I didn't. I rarely even measure things in the kitchen, i've gotten really good and guestimating...or so I think.

Incase you were wondering, Items inside the pouf: rommates pillow (sorryaboutitmark), old towels, tshirts and batting

Anywho.. Now onto something SWEET. Huzzah Vintage (via pinterest) had the GENIUS idea to make her own bumble to bumble beach spray. I LOVE this stuff (it gives your hair the just-out-of-the-ocean feel, and is GREAT for bangs (or the Snooki poof!), they stay put). BUT....this stuff is like $25 a bottle, for that BABY little bottle. My bank account cringes.

So, For just under $8 in supplies (basically a lifetime supply of this stuff..anyone need some!?) I made my own!

3 teaspoons Epsom Salt
3 squirts Water-Based Hair Gel
4 ounces Tap Water

Pour it all into the spray bottle, and shake before each use! Three cheers to SUPER cheap hair products! 

p.s did anyone else watch Liz & Dick on Sunday? (Holla Lifetime Movies!).....because it was HORRIBLE.

p.p.s Lisa G- if you are reading this, its Aussie 3 minute miracle (purple bottle) that you want. BOOM. No more dry hair.

p.p.s.s longer letter later (5 points if you can name this book!)

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