Wellness Wednesday!

Happy Flu/Cold season everyone!

Lets talk sickness.

Remember me talking about a little doctor in the house? WELL, anytime I am sick, I call that lady up and she presents me with some tricks to tackle a sickness. I don't like taking nyquil/dayquil ect. Its just me, perhaps its not you, but its cool. Do you!

So, i'm going to let you know of a few tricks in case you have something going on and need a little healthy push in the right direction.

You'll need to flush your system and get your blood moving a bit. One way to do it is in the shower. This, personally, doesn't work for me. Because I love me a hot shower. But my sister swears by it (also, a good cure for a hangover!). You take your shower (don't forget to wash behind your ears!), then for about 30 seconds each you switch from cold water to hot water. Do this a few times, end on cold and jump out. This isn't an instant cure, but it helps get the blood moving.

On the same lines, you can do this over night with a few pairs of socks. You'll need ONE pair of cotton socks and ONE pair of wool socks. Get the cotton socks damp and place them in the freezer for 2 minutes (trust me, just do it). While those socks are in the freezer, put your feet in as hot of water as you can handle. Once the two minutes are up, put the cotton socks from the freezer on your feet and layer the wool socks on top. Then hit the hay. Your feet will not be cold while you sleep, but make sure they are completely dry before you take them off in the morning. Depending on how sick you are, you may have to do this a few times.

Doing a hard work out? I hate it when I have a great workout but then am sore for a few days keeping me from the gym (because when I am motivated, I need to ride out the momentum). So, sister suggested Arnica. Its a homeopathy you can get at Whole Foods and the like. You place a few beads under your tongue after a hard workout and let them dissolve. BOOM, you're stiff muscles free.

Got something else wrong with you? Hate taking prescription drugs? Single and want to meet a hot lady!? Check out my sister's website for more information!

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