West Elm, I want you

So, remember when I talked about getting mail and how it's like christmas? mmmmmkay, so I mentioned there I was going to go to the book signing for the craftastic people over at young house lon, consider it DONE! I headed over to West Elm (and salivated over their selection) to meet up with my girl Kirsten and meet these cats. I cannot believe they were signing, smiling, laughing, and generally being cute until 11pm (they started at 6). phew, I was exhausted just from waiting in line (and I got there late!) Without further ado, here are John and Sherry from Young House Love!

 So many peeps showed up to the signing and were LOYAL to sticking out the long line and cold weather. I bought the CUTEST red mug for them to sign, it is currently chillin with me at work, it's hard for me to hold all of my pencils alllll day, so this hoot is helpin out...

Whatchu' lookin at willis?!

Anywhooot, moral of this story/post, John&Sherry are adorable and have amazing fans, oversized red mugs make for a happy cubicle, and west elm needs to get in my house STAT.

Over and out,
p.s. Kirsten got on the owl-train too with some salt and pepah shakers!
p.p.s Thanks for the pictures Noel! (I know you are listening...)

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