Northwoods Coat Hanger

I stumbled upon the Blue Velvet Chair blog a few weeks ago and found this post...and immediately wanted to make each and every item myself. I love the mixture of the modern and woodsy homey feel that these pieces have. mmm trees. SO, for Christmas I decided to make my secret Santa the Wood Slice Coat hanger, similar pieces are selling on Etsy from $100-$500

Now, during this Christmas season I was juggling a few projects at once, and accidentally did this one kinda backwards...


How you should go about doing this project:
1.Paint the Wood piece
2.Paint the Shelf
3. Attach the round wood pieces with wood glue
4. Attach the Shelf with your Kreig Jig
5. Spray Paint the coat hooks
6. Attach the coat hooks
7. Poly the whole mess

I did...1, 3, 4, 2, 6, 5, 7


BUT, its not alllllllll my fault...kinda

So, I got the first step right, but got too excited about attaching the wood pieces, so I did that right away. I cut the shelf and attached it right when I got my Kreig Jig because I was excited to try it out, not realizing until after it was attached that it still needed to be painted (without getting paint on the wood pieces!). I initially painted the hooks prior to installing them, but the screws that came with were too long for the wood and had to buy shorter ones. Once I got those I was too excited and immediately installed those to see how it would look, only to realize that they were not painted...whoops! psh whatever, it turned out and I learned a few lessons on patients 

Basically I was just too excited to finish this project #projectproblems

Here are a few process pictures to get the idea on how to make it. It's pretty straight forward. I had a scrap piece of MDF (seee people who think I am a hoarder, these things come in handy!). When I was home over Thanksgiving, I grabbed some wood pieces from my parents log pile and sliced them up (still got all 10 fingers!)

I painted the background black so the wood pieces would pop, and used Guerrilla Wood Glue to keep them in place

The shelf was attached with a kreig jig to hide any hinges. I spray painted the metal coat hangers (seemed to stick pretty well, sand it a bit to grit it up) and attached D-Ring hooks on the back for hanging

The blurry image below shows the difference the poly makes in the final tint of the wood

Of course as with all projects I do, many a lessons have been learned! Speaking of projects...Santa brought this lady a jig saw! You know what that means right?! Mr. Bed gets a headboard! woo! #mustbuildmorethings #newyearsresolution

p.s Happy New Years eve peeps! Stay Safe tonight :)

An American Girl Christmas

Phew, done with bed #2 of 2012. Call it a wrap. (cc: bed #1) Why did I make a doll bed? Am I hiding children or find an awkward joy in playing with dolls at my ripe age of 25? None of the above. It all started with this princess...just ask her :)

Little Gracie, and her little Gracie...

To little girls, American girl dolls are like the Louboutin shoes for us grown humans. My co-worker got her little girl a look alike, and when she came home from an American Girl doll party, lets just say she wasn't thrilled with the imitation.  The American Girl doll company was genius  allowing children to pull at their parents pockes for these Upper Manhattan living dolls. Also, it costs an arm and a leg to keep up with the American Girl Joneses. Beds alone range from $50-$125.

So, with my new woodworking skills brewing, I decided to build a little bed for Miss. Grace.

To start, I went to the trusty Ana-White for her Farmhouse Bed plans and ran over to Home Depot for supplies. I went there the weekend after thanksgiving and was able to snag all of the wood in the scrap pile at 50 cents a piece!

Then I just followed Ana's steps and added a middle support to help hold up the mattress. Decided not to list the shopping list/cut list/steps in the process...because why re-invent the wheel when Ana's wheel is sooo good. amiright?!

I finally got to test out my kreig jig on this project! Such a handy tool to have around when you want to hide hinges

A few ounces of wood putty, some sanding and painting later and voila! I also added a layer of poly at the end to make it all shiny and such.

At this point my roommate is all like "uhh, where are you going to find a mattress that size" uhh...slumberland right?! uh, nope. 

And here is the grad reveal to Miss. Grace on Christmas Eve

I think its a winner! 

Salty Holiday Cheer

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I thought I'd send this out before the Christmas season is officially over in case anyone out there is having a nervous break down over their centerpiece. I have a little ditty today that involved very few bought items, and some wine bottles- so if you don't have a few empties in the recycling bin, go grab yourself a glass because you'll need the bottle #idrinkmoresoicancraftmore

Centerpieces are a big deal, probably not up there with regular showering and brushing your teeth, but its important. Try explaining this to men though, its hard. My roommates still don't understand it. But they did come home this week to me melting candy and spray painting wine bottles, so I think they expect just about anything these days.

For this little ditty I'm going to show you ALL you need are the following:
-A few wine bottles/large beer bottles
-Epsom Salt (about 2$ at Target, it's in the Pharmacy section!)
-Spray Paint (I used green, white would look good too!)
-Assorted candles
-Peppermint Candies
-Parchment Paper
-Nature (uhh, i'll explain later...)

Okay, first take a few bottles (drink what's left) and dry them off. I left the labels on because, well I'm lazy, and you can't really see them once they are spray painted. If you have time I hear soapy water works!

p.s Green Fin is soooooooo good (and organic!)

I found it easy to put on glove and stick my finger in the tops them spray around them, one thick coat seemed enough

Next, grab some glue (any glue works...I had some Guerrilla wood glue on hand which worked haha), water down the glue a little bit to help in spreading it. Then grab the Epsom salt and a large flat plate or pan. Spread the salt evenly on the pan. Paint the glue on the wine bottles and candles, then roll it in the salt to stick. 

Whilst that is drying, start unwrapping your peppermint candies and lay some parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Lay out the candies in a design you like. I did a long one and two small ones and a few for testing. They come out pretty sturdy but you'll still need to be careful (if dropped they will shatter!). 

Bake these in the oven at 350* for 5-8 minutes- watch closely! 
If you are looking for a specific design for these plates and don't want the organic look- right when they get out of the oven, use a pizza cutter to cut through the candy.

I wanted to try and glitter this place up but uh...glitter + glue + wax = I give up. 

Onward and upward!

Here is the final display, with some added 'nature' from a little nature walk my cousin and I had around my parent's yard. Some sticks out of the wine bottles (long candles would look nice too!) and some pine. I also added a red left over fabric scrap and some burlap under it all to add some more color!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and find yourself surrounded by love and happiness! (and lots of wine, as we now have an alternative use for their bottles!)


So, we reused this table setting for another little Christmas Eve Party- only this time we had a few young kids and some very yummy and buttery crab in the midst (still in a food coma). So, we tweaked the setting a bit to put paper under as a table cloth to grab the oily mess, and aid as a distraction for the youngsters! Take a look!

After the feast ensued, we rolled up the paper and it was like it never happened :)

Put it to bed

WHEW. That was a fast weekandahalf, barely felt it go by.

thanks finals. see ya again in May...FOR THE LAST TIME!


Anywho. A WHILE back, remember? I left you with a little project teaser.


Well, most of them. Only so much a girl can get done these days- AMIRIGHT?

Lets recap for the sake of me simultaneously writing a TO-DO list for myself.

#1: DONZO, my bangs stay in place and all is well in the world
#2: ALSO DONE! woo i'm on a roll. Blogged about that little mason jar remix here
#3:ALMOST DONE with this secret more push youcandoitjenn!
#4: the epic doll bed of 2012 which made me make a real person bed...BOTH are so done. Well the doll is pretty cold as blankets are not made but I'LL DO IT! I promise!

side note: my roommate was very curious where I would find a mattress for said doll bed and through i'd have to go to the sleep number store to get it...uhh yeah American Girl dolls sleep in style! NOT. ha duh, i'm making one kid.

#5: okay, another secret project which I am struggling with. But I hope to get done by new years? haha we'll see...
#6 Chapter one: DONE
#7: Heard of Benji Hughes? A co-worker introduced me...pretty legit! ALSO- super sad but my girl Emma covered this on her lil radio show and is a FAB SONG :
#8: SO HYDRATED. thanksforasking.

now that we have that out of the way (I know that was pretty pointless for you, but I just filled out my planner with to-dos thankyouverymuch) ONTO GREAT THINGS!

Like how I made my bed...

HOKAY this is going to be a loooooong post, I can feel it in my fingers (Love Actually anyone? "I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toeeeeees) Ah the holiday mood. We'll get there on this here blog, but we have some ketchup to do...hokay?


Here is a break down on how to make a platform bed..remember these plans?

kinda stuck to them? Kinda didn't.


first, WHY can't home depot figure out how to make their wood straight?!!!? i mean, why.

second, I think I need to get into wood conditioner, because YES I sanded the wood pre-stain, but it looked like a highschooler who just broke out after I stained it. So, instead of the pretty walnut color I am currently swooning over, we went white (which, I actually think looks pretty good. Thanks for the suggestion boyfriend!)

third, I'm stubborn. I know this. deal with it people. ALL along I wanted (AND GOT!) a detachable bed. Moving blows, we get it. And I didn't want to sit there unscrewing and rescrewing like an IKEA project. I wanted to pop my bed together and take a nap after I move, duh. Consider it: planning for fast naps. So these hinges I bought...although great, caused great-a-headache my friends. We deal with it though, because I am stubborn and can't let it go.

NOW, for why you are actually reading this post:

Supply list:
5- 8' 2x4
4- posts (or use leftover 2x4 like muah)
2- deck pieces? "uhh maim, what kind of deck are you building?" no sir, its a bed, duh
4- hinges
1 million 2" screws and 7 screw drivers on deck

Cost breakdown:
20$- Hinges from here, plus shipping
60$ wood from the HD
5$ deck piece from the HD
10$ paint from the HD

Pretty dern sturdy bed: 95 Bones.

AND NOW, here is how I did it:

Build the frame. whew, when I type it, it seem like to takes a second. Not an entire day. I'm sure if I were a seasoned carpenter it'd take a hot second, BUT I'M NOT, yet. So...I attached the hinges to the corners of the 2x4 after cutting them to fit a Queen box spring (60" by 80")...make sure you cut these to make up for the width of the 2x4. While you are cutting, cut the 1x10s to fit outside of the 2x4 support...alike the pic above shows ya..

Next, go to HD and get a deck bracket whilst the man at HD asks what kind of deck you are building in the middle of winter...

 Once the support is done, attach the legs to the 2x4. This got tricky my friends.


So the brackets that I bought...basically one rests onto the other- I get it. BUT I am stubborn (see above) and wanted the legs on the ends, not on the sides. So I did it...and then realized that the hinges were wrong (the sides would need to rest on the top/bottom since that's where the legs are- get it? Its confusing, I don't even know if I still understand)....So there goes a night of rearranging the hinges...

So, here's the sheeebanger. 1x10 which rests on the 2x4 which is supported by a scrap 2x4 (at 1') and alllll wrapped up with some hinges. So I can take her apart at a moments notice. THEN, I painted (white, with a roller) all four sides, twice. AND... dun dun dun....

Me likey. I haven't ever had a bed frame aside from the metal ones #firstworldproblems

So I really like how high up this is, so many monsters can fit under there (and by monsters I mean more bins of clothes)

Making a headboard is next on the next spring when I'll want to use the saw again. I'm thinking a grey woolish tweed with some nail heads around the edge. mmmm

Until then, there you have it! Making a bed frame. I'd also like to note that I didn't sustain ANY injuries from this project, which is a feat onto itself.

The Mason Dixon Line

Pinned Image

So this happened, at

Me likey.

$12.99? try $6. How did I get a 50% off rate.

I did it myself. (duh)

3 mason jars at good will for a buck each, a few (who KNEW those connector jobs were found in the PLUMBING isle, thankfully my janky description of them sent the nice man at HD a walkin') Plumbing connectors, and some leftover wood/screws/connectorjobbies and..


Allow me to back up. SO, the bathroom I am using has NO storage, well unless you count a small shelf above the sink (no, not below the mirror, as there wasn't one...)

No storage, pre-mirror hanging
I decided to use this project as a storage for some bathroom items, ones I use on the regular, ya know.

Here are the materials you'll need:
      -Scrap wood- about  14" long (and any finish you'd like)
      -3 Mason Jars
      -1 towel hook
      -3 plumbing rings
      -3 brackets
      -2 D-hooks for hanging

Let me introduce you to wood scrap...


who immediately got a little facelife with my favorite stain (dark walnut)


Then, I eyeballed where I wanted the three mason jars (I also added a hook for a towel to hang at the end). To attach these plumbing is what I did:

Easy peasy, and the bracket is hidden by the jar, so you won't see that at the end. 

 Once the three jars were attached and the hook was in place, I attached the D-ring hooks to the back (Per Mr. Ace Hardware's suggestion) and hung her right in place