An American Girl Christmas

Phew, done with bed #2 of 2012. Call it a wrap. (cc: bed #1) Why did I make a doll bed? Am I hiding children or find an awkward joy in playing with dolls at my ripe age of 25? None of the above. It all started with this princess...just ask her :)

Little Gracie, and her little Gracie...

To little girls, American girl dolls are like the Louboutin shoes for us grown humans. My co-worker got her little girl a look alike, and when she came home from an American Girl doll party, lets just say she wasn't thrilled with the imitation.  The American Girl doll company was genius  allowing children to pull at their parents pockes for these Upper Manhattan living dolls. Also, it costs an arm and a leg to keep up with the American Girl Joneses. Beds alone range from $50-$125.

So, with my new woodworking skills brewing, I decided to build a little bed for Miss. Grace.

To start, I went to the trusty Ana-White for her Farmhouse Bed plans and ran over to Home Depot for supplies. I went there the weekend after thanksgiving and was able to snag all of the wood in the scrap pile at 50 cents a piece!

Then I just followed Ana's steps and added a middle support to help hold up the mattress. Decided not to list the shopping list/cut list/steps in the process...because why re-invent the wheel when Ana's wheel is sooo good. amiright?!

I finally got to test out my kreig jig on this project! Such a handy tool to have around when you want to hide hinges

A few ounces of wood putty, some sanding and painting later and voila! I also added a layer of poly at the end to make it all shiny and such.

At this point my roommate is all like "uhh, where are you going to find a mattress that size" uhh...slumberland right?! uh, nope. 

And here is the grad reveal to Miss. Grace on Christmas Eve

I think its a winner! 

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