Northwoods Coat Hanger

I stumbled upon the Blue Velvet Chair blog a few weeks ago and found this post...and immediately wanted to make each and every item myself. I love the mixture of the modern and woodsy homey feel that these pieces have. mmm trees. SO, for Christmas I decided to make my secret Santa the Wood Slice Coat hanger, similar pieces are selling on Etsy from $100-$500

Now, during this Christmas season I was juggling a few projects at once, and accidentally did this one kinda backwards...


How you should go about doing this project:
1.Paint the Wood piece
2.Paint the Shelf
3. Attach the round wood pieces with wood glue
4. Attach the Shelf with your Kreig Jig
5. Spray Paint the coat hooks
6. Attach the coat hooks
7. Poly the whole mess

I did...1, 3, 4, 2, 6, 5, 7


BUT, its not alllllllll my fault...kinda

So, I got the first step right, but got too excited about attaching the wood pieces, so I did that right away. I cut the shelf and attached it right when I got my Kreig Jig because I was excited to try it out, not realizing until after it was attached that it still needed to be painted (without getting paint on the wood pieces!). I initially painted the hooks prior to installing them, but the screws that came with were too long for the wood and had to buy shorter ones. Once I got those I was too excited and immediately installed those to see how it would look, only to realize that they were not painted...whoops! psh whatever, it turned out and I learned a few lessons on patients 

Basically I was just too excited to finish this project #projectproblems

Here are a few process pictures to get the idea on how to make it. It's pretty straight forward. I had a scrap piece of MDF (seee people who think I am a hoarder, these things come in handy!). When I was home over Thanksgiving, I grabbed some wood pieces from my parents log pile and sliced them up (still got all 10 fingers!)

I painted the background black so the wood pieces would pop, and used Guerrilla Wood Glue to keep them in place

The shelf was attached with a kreig jig to hide any hinges. I spray painted the metal coat hangers (seemed to stick pretty well, sand it a bit to grit it up) and attached D-Ring hooks on the back for hanging

The blurry image below shows the difference the poly makes in the final tint of the wood

Of course as with all projects I do, many a lessons have been learned! Speaking of projects...Santa brought this lady a jig saw! You know what that means right?! Mr. Bed gets a headboard! woo! #mustbuildmorethings #newyearsresolution

p.s Happy New Years eve peeps! Stay Safe tonight :)

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