Salty Holiday Cheer

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I thought I'd send this out before the Christmas season is officially over in case anyone out there is having a nervous break down over their centerpiece. I have a little ditty today that involved very few bought items, and some wine bottles- so if you don't have a few empties in the recycling bin, go grab yourself a glass because you'll need the bottle #idrinkmoresoicancraftmore

Centerpieces are a big deal, probably not up there with regular showering and brushing your teeth, but its important. Try explaining this to men though, its hard. My roommates still don't understand it. But they did come home this week to me melting candy and spray painting wine bottles, so I think they expect just about anything these days.

For this little ditty I'm going to show you ALL you need are the following:
-A few wine bottles/large beer bottles
-Epsom Salt (about 2$ at Target, it's in the Pharmacy section!)
-Spray Paint (I used green, white would look good too!)
-Assorted candles
-Peppermint Candies
-Parchment Paper
-Nature (uhh, i'll explain later...)

Okay, first take a few bottles (drink what's left) and dry them off. I left the labels on because, well I'm lazy, and you can't really see them once they are spray painted. If you have time I hear soapy water works!

p.s Green Fin is soooooooo good (and organic!)

I found it easy to put on glove and stick my finger in the tops them spray around them, one thick coat seemed enough

Next, grab some glue (any glue works...I had some Guerrilla wood glue on hand which worked haha), water down the glue a little bit to help in spreading it. Then grab the Epsom salt and a large flat plate or pan. Spread the salt evenly on the pan. Paint the glue on the wine bottles and candles, then roll it in the salt to stick. 

Whilst that is drying, start unwrapping your peppermint candies and lay some parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Lay out the candies in a design you like. I did a long one and two small ones and a few for testing. They come out pretty sturdy but you'll still need to be careful (if dropped they will shatter!). 

Bake these in the oven at 350* for 5-8 minutes- watch closely! 
If you are looking for a specific design for these plates and don't want the organic look- right when they get out of the oven, use a pizza cutter to cut through the candy.

I wanted to try and glitter this place up but uh...glitter + glue + wax = I give up. 

Onward and upward!

Here is the final display, with some added 'nature' from a little nature walk my cousin and I had around my parent's yard. Some sticks out of the wine bottles (long candles would look nice too!) and some pine. I also added a red left over fabric scrap and some burlap under it all to add some more color!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and find yourself surrounded by love and happiness! (and lots of wine, as we now have an alternative use for their bottles!)


So, we reused this table setting for another little Christmas Eve Party- only this time we had a few young kids and some very yummy and buttery crab in the midst (still in a food coma). So, we tweaked the setting a bit to put paper under as a table cloth to grab the oily mess, and aid as a distraction for the youngsters! Take a look!

After the feast ensued, we rolled up the paper and it was like it never happened :)

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