The Mason Dixon Line

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So this happened, at

Me likey.

$12.99? try $6. How did I get a 50% off rate.

I did it myself. (duh)

3 mason jars at good will for a buck each, a few (who KNEW those connector jobs were found in the PLUMBING isle, thankfully my janky description of them sent the nice man at HD a walkin') Plumbing connectors, and some leftover wood/screws/connectorjobbies and..


Allow me to back up. SO, the bathroom I am using has NO storage, well unless you count a small shelf above the sink (no, not below the mirror, as there wasn't one...)

No storage, pre-mirror hanging
I decided to use this project as a storage for some bathroom items, ones I use on the regular, ya know.

Here are the materials you'll need:
      -Scrap wood- about  14" long (and any finish you'd like)
      -3 Mason Jars
      -1 towel hook
      -3 plumbing rings
      -3 brackets
      -2 D-hooks for hanging

Let me introduce you to wood scrap...


who immediately got a little facelife with my favorite stain (dark walnut)


Then, I eyeballed where I wanted the three mason jars (I also added a hook for a towel to hang at the end). To attach these plumbing is what I did:

Easy peasy, and the bracket is hidden by the jar, so you won't see that at the end. 

 Once the three jars were attached and the hook was in place, I attached the D-ring hooks to the back (Per Mr. Ace Hardware's suggestion) and hung her right in place

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