A Gingerbread's Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has been our families favorite Christmas time holiday for many years, and for many reasons. I'm not sure when this started, but my family and I would go to church on Christmas eve, and come home for some juicy yummy buttery crab Sloppy Joes. ;)

As the years passed, the Christmas Eve crew grew from our family of 5, to a few aunts and cousins in tow. A few years ago, we decided to add a little friendly competition to the day. The first year, we made Ginger Bread Houses, last year and this year we made ginger bread men. We break into 3 teams and have about an hour and a half to create a design which 2 of my cousins (who arrive late) judge and declare a winner. The winner has bragging rights for an ENTIRE year. Its important peeps. 

This year, to spice things up, there was a secret ingredient that HAD to be incorporated into the design. Each team got a different type of pasta (which could be used hard or cooked)

Yo mom- remind me to teach you how to focus on my camera :)

We picked teams from a hat. Team 1 consisted of my fasha, uncle Ray, cousin Andy and the Boyfriend. They did the traditional nativity scene.

The second team consisted of my two sisters and aunt Kathy, who did a Shrek inspired scene (look at the use of noods in the ears!)

Finally, and the winners of the night, included my aunt Theresa, cousin Grace and myself. We made the Ristine family Christmas Card. My grandparents are in the corner, grandma is playing cards and grandpa has his book in his hand. My uncle Kevin in the lower left driving his boat, then comes my mom with her large bosom, my aunt Theresa with a bridge over here (she has a fear of driving over them) and a runners number on. Next is my aunt Marilyn with some bright red hair, and finally is Kathy in a princess outfit (as the baby in the family). And check out those little Christmas trees that little Grace made with our bow tie noods!

Once we were finished the beautiful judges rolled in and graded the designs to choose the ultimate winners

This is a tradition we all look forward to. A little friendly competition followed by the best feast of the year. 

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