To doing better bad things in 2013!

Well, we are a week into this 2013 new year. We all had time to get over our new years eve hang over, take out the 2012 trash, and reflect on this past year and the coming.

So, lets recap 2012 reaaaaaaaaaal quick and see what we did here at RPSS...
   -I added Framed Chalk Boards into the hizouse to track my winnings in Darts
   -I Sewed up a storm Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, aaaaand Here. Oh, and Here
   -Made some personalized Jewelry for a birthday
   -Built a bedside bench to throw my clothes on
   -Sewed a quilt for a friend to snoogs in
   -Decorated with an old ladder
   -Nailed my love for Minnesota
   -Broke my back laying a patio
   -Celebrated my Aunt jumping over the hill (turning 50)
   -Refinished a few Chairs...aaaand a table
   -Built a nightstand for Boyfriend, a Coathanger for sister, and a Doll Bed for cousin
   -Made myself a bed and a little bathroom organizer
   -And made the holidays a little more festive

But WAIT! That's not all...
   -We got a doctor in the house! (and little sis graduated from college!!)
   -Went with the girlfriends to France and here
   -Friends got married
   -Boyfriend surprised me!
   -Attended the best 5k ever
   -Took a sisters trip to the GC
   -Went camping at the best campsite ever

How on EARTH am I going to top that in 2013?!

Well, let's begin with my 2012 mantra..

Perhaps it was a word, a sentence or a book which has changed your view on a subject this past year. About a year ago I saw this gem:

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At times, I catch myself saying "I'll do that once I graduate", or "Once work slows down I'll finish this." But then nothing gets done, and I'll find myself after graduation wishing I had already planted seeds along the way to set myself up better for my larger goals in life.
Freshman year, my professor put a single image up on the screen the last day of class:
And stated that we need to plant seeds throughout our lives, much like this dandelion does. Not all will stick and form into a weed and affect you, but something, eventually will make a difference. Whether it is keeping contact with a classmate or professor, or taking an unpaid internship or volunteering. Perhaps you will meet someone or do something that'll push you further in the direction you see yourself.
SO, in this new year, I have a few added inspirational words which I intend on focusing on.
Greeting Cards (2 pack) - Let all that you do be done in love
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Looking back on my 2012 planner, I found that there were pockets of time which were packed with to-do's, but were they done with the best of my intentions? This year, I would like to slow down, focus on what is in front of me, what is important to come from it.
A few tangible goals that I have for this year include:
     -Open an Etsy Shop
     -Help someone who can never repay me
     -Graduate and receive my Masters
     -Begin watercoloring again
     -Grow this dern blog
     -Publish something
     -Prioritize my finances
     -Continue to build things and improve my carpentry skills
I'll end this new years rambling with my favorite quote from a man I'd love to have had coffee with:

"I realize you have this very big love and you want to do some very fine things with it. But I'm afraid you won't be able to do anything beneficial until you really start to think and get inside what's causing this love. You are going to have to think very clearly about basics and about what moves you can make to bring about changes in the things you see wrong. It doesn't do any good to get angry. And it doesn't do any good for you to sit here with me unless you can find in all this something of your own to say"

 -Buckminster Fuller
Happy 2013!



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