Binding a Book

Today we are going to talk about #5, which I first showed you here. This little gem was given to me a few weeks ago by my Grandpa. He wrote various books/articles/journals in his day (Here is his latest!) and would bind the documents himself using this contraption. 

COOL HUH! So, I made a little calendar for some friends for Christmas and thought i'd bind her myself! BUT JENN, how do you have time? Multitasking whilst listening to Lecture?! #thankgoditakeclassesonline

First things first, Kinkos needs to figure out full bleed printing. It's their job to print things, so you'd think they'd have it figured out. But they don't. After 10 minutes of the rude lady behind the counter telling me she wouldn't be able to get the cuts right on the line (again, isn't this your job?!) the perfectionist in me cut them myself #stickittotheman

Then came the fun part, binding them. I'll let the pictures take ya through the process...they are better with words than I am...


Then you can hang it on a light switch! haha, I didn't have a nail dug yet for my copy...still working on a little room decor in the 'ol chambers gimmeabreak.

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