Cross Cross Apple Sauce

Apple sauce has nothing to do with this post. Unless it's your crafting snack of choice, then perhaps it can be involved. OR we can get theoretical here, where apple is the project at hand, and sauce is the final display in which the project is implemented?

Too far?

I suppose it's only Monday.

Let's start over. This past weekend, I needed about 13,892 study breaks. Writing papers has gotten torturous, in order to complete an entire paragraph, I have to bribe myself with a craft after it. I'm basically a 5 year old with math homework on a sunny summer day.

Study break #1 began when I woke up Saturday morning and saw this:

No, not the dying plant. I can handle that, its basically expected of me when I buy plants these days. I guess my fortune cookie was wrong #nogreenthumb. The blank, boring, hurts my eyes so much I can't study, wall. SOMETHING had to be done, and soon. Because this wall wasn't going to decorate itself just like my paper wasn't going to write itself. 

I had most of the supplies to shnaz up this wall, but I wanted to make a little letter/picture holder. 

-Wood (stained or painted)
-Twine (thicker the better)
-D-Ring hooks
-Hot Glue Gun

First, attach the D-ring hooks onto the back of your wood piece

Next, you'll want to start your twine at the top or the bottom, super glue the end in place and allow the glue to set. 

Once the beginning of the twine is set, wrap the twine around taught to the board in a random fashion. Glue the bottom in place and cut the twine. I added glue to each end of the twine to make sure it didn't stretch. 

To attach this to the wall I used my tried and true method. I put a dab of toothpaste onto the D-Ring hinges. Use a level to make sure it would be straight, and press it to the height desired. The toothpaste will stay on the wall depicting where the screws should be attached.

But that's still a boring wall, so I added a few things to spice it up. 

So there you have it, how I got through the first paragraph of my paper. Stay tuned later this week for a little vintage mademorevintage map project! Happy Monday peeps!

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