Which means: craving to travel. Since it's Valentines day, I thought i'd talk about something I love. I love being home, but I think what makes that so great is traveling. Being taken out of your comfort zone. It is only then that our limits are tested and truly see our passions. Since I began traveling I have become so intrigued by maps, which is the ultimate survival tool while abroad (except in Venice, good luck there!). I have saved maps from all of my journeys and can't wait to finish start that project. Until then, I wanted to create a map to document the various places I have been. A reminder of how blessed I am to be able to travel, and to dream of the places where I have yet to go. Below is a picture tutorial on how to make a display map. My plan is to make little flags to nail in each location I have been. Still debating on what sort of flag (nails/tacks/needles?) system to work into this.

Without further ado, how to make a vintage map....more vintage!

Once it was all assembled and dried, I attached the beast to the wall using D-ring hooks (and of course, toothpaste :)).

There you have it! I wanted it to look like I found it on an abandoned ship...think I accomplished that?!

Anywho...Happy Thursday everyone, I hope you are having a great Valentines day and Galentines day (Parks and Rec anyone?!)

This weekend i'll be rockin' up north with the women of my family, doing women things. Like face masks, pillow fights, and CRAFTS. Here is a little teaser of what I have in store...we'll see how they turn out after a few glasses of vino :)

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