What an awesome business plan, if I lived closer to the ocean i'd totes do it. FREE materials (shells) and a hot glue gun...girl can move mountains. Well, mountains made out of sand but whatever. Anywho, so last week I was all "I'm going to Florida"...

But more on that later. Let's talk about Sea Shell Art. But not the kind you find at a South Florida Church's Shell Art show, just ask my father #notimpressed. We like to keep it classy up north. So, I took a few walks along the beach and collected some Jangle shells, google it. They are subtle, but gorgeous glistening shells and I wanted them allllllll (said in the voice of the purple girl (Veronica?...10 points for knowing her name...) from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory).

p.s I collected them in a water bottle for safe keeping #genius. TSA can't mess with MY shells.

At first I wasn't sure which scrap wood i'd use. One square, one rectangle, or two rectangles. After sorting out the shells, the square seemed like a simple design that would put the shells front and center. 

I wanted to go for an ombre look. 

Side note: i'm pretty sure the ombre is a direct correlation with the recession. What your hair dye is growing out?! Your jeans are fading?! Let's just make it  fashionable so people won't need to spend more money. It's genius,  and I love it.  

Anywho, my shells will be fading from gray to yellow to white, as those were the colors I collected.

Since the wood was stained (left over from this project) I wanted to give it a fresh coat, make it feel all special and such. I went with gray to not over power the shells, and had some left over terra cotta paint which gave it a nice texture.

I also added a D-ring hook to the back for hanging...and plugged in the 'ol hot glue gun to get 'er done.

Then I method? Quick and Dirty.

I sorted out the shells in a gradient so i'd just have to grab a new shell. Some I played with a bit to make sure they would fit, others I applied the hot glue and randomly placed them. It's not a science people.

I love the texture and colors that come from the shells. I also love that this piece of art is a reminder of my favorite vacationing spot: Marco Island. It seems whenever I would go on vacation as a child i'd come home with little trinkets from the area...keychains, picture frames, shot glasses...But those would soon find their way into a junk drawer. When I went to Nice last summer I collected some sea glass and put it in a jar, its a great way to remember a trip without spending money

Now, if only that Florida weather came back with the shells, i'd be one happy girl! Also, I think we need to get ourselves a new groundhog...has this guy EVER been right?

Happy Thursday People!