Embrace the Imperfection

So, if you have read more than one of my posts, you may know that I enjoy making gifts for people. You know instead of buying them things they want/need I make them completely useless items. They love it, just ask them! Ha...
Lil sis went all 22 on us a few weeks ago, so I decided to take a little trip to Goodwill and see what I could muster up. The victims: A scratched painting of... Italy? and some of that drawer covering adhesive (yup, that's the technical term). The idea was to do an inverse painting...I made that term up so perhaps I should just show you the damage.

So I printed out what I wanted to inverse on the canvas. Lil sis turns ingredients into pure gold cupcakes, so I thought this was a fitting quote....

Materials, holler.

First I got rid of the beautiful painting of Italy with a solid coat of grey/gray (will SOMEONE explain the difference of these two words... no? Good, because there isn't one. I prefer Gray, if you cared)

Started with the Ombre look, you know it's so fetch

Whilst that dried, I tediously cut out each letter...which took roughly a coons age per letter

And then I was all....

Ah, Sweet Brown, you are so wise. 

Change of plans, went crazy on the colors and cut out a deer. The obvious next move...

This is what it's supposed to look like, but the Inverse...get it? So I painted grAy over the entire thing, leaving the deer sticker in place.

Unfortunately, homie didn't coat the gray on thick enough, started running late for said sister's birthday dinner, and pulled the trigger making it a faint deer....Below is a photoshopped version of more of what I was going for. Win some you lose some.

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