Whimsical Art

Last weekend we went up to the boyfriend's cabin for a little R&R. We had to take a detour due to construction and ended up going through St. John's Campus where we found this little gem.

Patrick Dougherty gathered 300 volunteers to aid in this construction. He has similar structures all over the world: Including Scotland, France and Japan
Photo: Todd Mulvihill
Location: Chaska, MN Arboretum

Photo: Karen Malinofski
Location: North Carolina

Photo: Mark Randolph
Location: Waco, Texas

Photo: Karl Browne
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Photo: Duncan Price
Location: Tacoma

Aren't they just amazing? And so original, I want one in my backyard like yesterday. Each of these images (except the first) were taken from his website, Go check it out for some more amazing shots.

Find anything cool over your Memorial Day weekend?!




No Bake Desserts

You know when recipes are all "ready in 5 minutes no baking needed!" those are the kind of bandwagons I jump on. If an oven is involved there is about a 90% chance the brownies are coming out hard as rocks. It's just one of those special gifts I have. This is similar to my inability to grow plants, I can put all of the right ingredients in there but somehow the cilantro will still die sooner than it is grown. REGARDLESS, I'm giving it another shot this year...In hopes that next year I will figure out how to grow a garden (third time's the charm!)....Also I had a fortune cookie that once said I had a green thumb, so I'm just out there trying to prove it right!
SO, here is a "5 minutes no watering needed" project! It's a terrarium, and they are all the rage these days. SO, first I stopped at Goodwill for a nice vase for  fitty cents. And was all "this is going to be the cheapest project ever!!"
THEN....I went to HD and bought the succa's (I bought agave and some other cool looking creature, around 3$ a pop). On my way out I needed to grab some rocks, because these succas like their filtration. I've also seen these terrariums made with just dirt, but each of my succas said to use rocks...
First of all, whoever is making money selling ROCKS, genius. HOWEVER, no I will NOT spend ten bones to buy them from you. So the succas sat in their crates for a week until the SNOW melted. Then I went out into nature and found rocks FOR FREE. #winning.
FINALLY, I was able to assemble my 5 minute miracle.
Step 1: Add rocks, big/med/small at the bottom of the vase
Step 2: Add a layer of dirt on top, leaving room for the succas
Step 3: assemble the succas!

You'll only need to spray this with water just to keep the soil a little moist, if it gets soggy you've added too much. This has been planted for a few weeks and I am happy to report they are still alive!
I hope everyone is having a splendid mother day! Shout out to mi madre, possibly the only one reading this...Love you!