Whimsical Art

Last weekend we went up to the boyfriend's cabin for a little R&R. We had to take a detour due to construction and ended up going through St. John's Campus where we found this little gem.

Patrick Dougherty gathered 300 volunteers to aid in this construction. He has similar structures all over the world: Including Scotland, France and Japan
Photo: Todd Mulvihill
Location: Chaska, MN Arboretum

Photo: Karen Malinofski
Location: North Carolina

Photo: Mark Randolph
Location: Waco, Texas

Photo: Karl Browne
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Photo: Duncan Price
Location: Tacoma

Aren't they just amazing? And so original, I want one in my backyard like yesterday. Each of these images (except the first) were taken from his website, Go check it out for some more amazing shots.

Find anything cool over your Memorial Day weekend?!




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