Happy Friday!

It's Friday! It's the weekend! *raise the roof*. In a previous life, it would stress me out that I don't regularly post. That organized, on-time, predictable self has been thrown out the window (no one was harmed in the making of this post). So, until further notice, these posts will come as sporadic as my desire to cook meals (popcorn and a sweet potato for dinner?!)

So, lets do a little recap of the last week and a half since we chatted. Last Saturday I (along with Hearts & Hammers) helped a little 60 year old couple fix up their curb appeal. We painted the house and planted gardens in the front and back. They were an adorable couple, and it made me realize how much change a little paint can do.

BUT, the night before. OH, so much fun. My family and some friends went on a Pedal Pub through Northeast Minneapolis. It was a perfect night out (which we are given sparsely this year) and a great group to celebrate graduation with- Thanks to all who came out! (p.s OF COURSE there was a theme: Amerrrrrican)

Without any homework to busy my time, I needed a little project to keep me occupied. I bought this gem off Craig for a few bones and spruced her up with some red glossy paint. So sassy.

(Sorry about the picture quality, dern phone photos...now if only I could find my camera charger....)

Have a great weekend everyone! Hopefully us Minnesotans will see the sun finally :)