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Maybe I should call it Jenn-ga. Get it? Well, you might ask "Why on earth do you need a 3 foot Jenga set" to which I ask...

This guy, aparently. Also, he paid 28k for that beast. Sorry kids, no more college, dad wants a GIANT JENGA SET. *wife hangs head in shame*

Let's talk about lawn games. No, no, lets talk about Minnesota Summers. Ah, the only true reason I didn't stay in Greece to live forever. Because this would be my life:

And I could ditch the Malibou for this guy:

mmm Hydra, why are you so beautiful. Anyways, we are getting off track. Summer. Lawn Games. Let's do it.

A few years ago Fasha and I created the Corn Hole/Bags game just like everyone else, and it was Awesome. So I was all "What are the cool hip kids making these days," and to which I concluded: LIFESIZE JENGA LAWN GAME. *said in the monster truck rally voice*

It's super easy and took me all of 3 hours to make so let's show ya some tips to git-er-done quick.

6- 8' 2x4
A million pieces of sand paper (100 or higher grit)
Miter Saw

Sand all of the boards, BEFORE you cut them. A fine mistake a co-worker made. This will save time in sanding allll 54 smaller pieces later. Your hand will thank me.

Oh, and make sure you get SFI wood, does mother nature good. *karma points*

I set up a guide on my Miter saw to keep each cut perfectly at 10.5", this way I could just slide the boards down to cut, without having to measure each cut. Thinking is haaarrrrddd.

Since I don't have an amazing set up (still a renter...), nor do I have a workbench, I had to use a ladder to hold my pieces since they were so long...ya know, just getting creative in the gaaaraaage.  Also, to answer my parent's questions on the hoarder-looking-garage. That is ALL the neighbors' stuff. Pinky-swear.

A little trick my Fasha taught me awhile back to ensure your cords don't lose power (by someone tripping, or pulling...idk?) so do it. k? p.s no comments on the dirty-ness of the floor. I just, can't. 

Remember when I said to buy a million packs of sand paper? I went through 2 packs, then had to use scraps. I wanted my edges a bit rounded, so that didn't help...R.I.P Sand paper

Here she blows! And, surprisingly, it works!

Now I just need to build a little stand and she's done! I have read not to seal them with anything, as the sanded wood will slide better than a finished wood. Might be fun to paint the ends different colors and make it a drinking game?! OOO the options :)

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