A Healthy Treat

If there were such a thing as, say, a snack goddess. Duchess of snacks. I would totes "apply within". Especially since my life, in the past few years, has turned into a 'working lady,' snacks keep my energy up throughout the day. I tried that whole "keep nuts at your desk to ward off cravings!" I'm not a squirrel, also, I don't want to limit myself to nuts, homie needs some more healthy snack ideas!

SO, in the tune of summer, I combined a few recipes, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. and mmmm it was tasty. I wanted something cold and light, so in comes a fruit/yogurt/granola mix!

Greek Yogurt (about 2 cups)
10 strawberries chopped small
1c Granola
a hand full of chocolate chips, because, yum.
Note: if you are going with a flavored yogurt or granola, make sure they party together. I have honey yogurt and maple pecan granola which was bomb-diggity

Once you mix all of the ingred. together, put some parchment paper in a pan and press the mixture into it. Throw some tin foil on top and stick it in the freezer over night.

OMG. yum. Bonus: it's pretty filling. One larger size bar was perfect for a light breakfast.

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