Another Birthday, Another Homemade gift

As I add tools to my tool box, and wood to my wood pile, I am beginning to see some pretty cool projects come of it. I  like the limitations of selective materials. So when a friend's birthday approached and I had scrap wood, nails, string and paint, well...wanna see what came of it?

Channeling some of my previous work, I  painted the wood a light blue and nailed a flower pattern on to thread some kite string! 

 Very simple project, and of course I was running late for a little cabin adventure so I forgot to take a final shot, blogger fail. But you get the idea, fun little project! I just glue the ends to a nail and pull it tight with tape to dry. then just cut the string when the glue dries.

To dwindle my scrap wood pile down a bit more, I made a little stand for the Jenga Set to stand it off a bit from the grass.

Woop Woop, Three cheers for hoarding wood scraps!

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