It was inevitable. A while back a friend of mine posted this to the Twitter:


Although I drink Tea during the week, Chai is my go-to at the coffee shop #allergictocoffeeproblems

If you read the article you also saw that under said Chai description it read "The probability of your having tried a juice cleanse is at 98.7%"...

Now, I am not doing a juice cleanse. I like popcorn too much. And actually, I wasn't really into 'juicing' for awhile. No real reason aside from the process being messy and expensive. Earlier this week, something came over me, and nothing could stop my desire to try it. Thankfully my roommate got on a juicing kick for a full day and purchased a juicer. He watched the documentary "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" and he was sold, I on the other hand didn't catch the whole show so I was still on the fence. His first run, took 2 bags of veggies and an hour to clean up, ending his trial run.

Which explains my two issues.

But whatever, I still wanted to try it.

So I headed over to Trader Joe's to stock up on veggies. It does take a lot of veggies to make a cup of juice. But the juice, oooh is it good!

This mixture was my favorite. Carrots and Oranges. Simple and delicious, just how I like it.

AND, it came out looking like Halloween candy! 

I tried a few more concoctions/recipes I found on this website: http://www.nativejuicer.com/juicer_recipes_s/45.htm

BUT, what is awesome, is that you can basically put WHATEVER you want in there and it will come out delicious (except tomatoes, I didn't like that in there...). The second night I juiced I followed a recipe for my glass and the boyfriend threw in a bag of random veggies for his, both turned out delicious. One thing is just to make sure you put a little fruit in there to make it a sweeter than an all veggies drink would.

Also, aside from what all of the online juicing-health-nut's are saying, I pre-made a few glasses to have at work. AND, I lived to tell the tale. You totally can do that, in my unprofessional opinion. HOWEVER, just make sure you don't put anything in the glass that, when cut, turns brown. Like an apple, because then your roommates will wonder why you are drinking brown liquid in the morning. The carrots/oranges glass I made at night lasted until the next day at lunch. And it was delicious.  

Now I just need to try and grow some veggies find some cheaper veggies to fund this new obsession. 

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