Greenbuild - Philadelphia

Last week I hopped on an air vehicle towards Philadelphia for the Greenbuild Conference. Greenbuild is the worlds largest conference dedicated to green buildings. The U.S Green Building Council puts on the event which is attended by over 30,000 nationally and internationally. All week I attended sessions which rolled out the new LEEDv4 rating system. LEED is a building (both commercial and residential) rating system which analyses the performance of a building based on set criteria. This rating system looks at how buildings interact with the surrounding community and site as well as how it handles things like water, waste, energy and lighting on site and in the building. 

What is unique about this version is that is is beginning to ensure transparency in the market through materials and products we purchase for our built environment. Materials and Resources is a section analysed in the LEED rating system. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) has been added to this section to ensure the products we are purchasing are adequate for a high indoor air quality. Life Cycle Analysis provides details of every item and process a material goes through from raw material extraction to the final disposal. It's quite an intense process, but the materials that come out are at the top of the market.

Another system which rolled out last week is the 2030 Palette. To understand this system we have to step back a bit to the 2030 Challenge. Edward Mazria (pictured below) rolled out this initiative a few years ago in an effort to reverse climate change and become carbon neutral by 2030. This isn't an arbitrary year, it is a very calculated one which I won't get into, but read more here if it suits your fancy!

What's great about the 2030 Palette is that it connects low-carbon, sustainable initiatives around the world. This is huge, it reduces the need to reinvent the wheel, instead you can look at what others are researching and building around the world and take it as a precedence. Three cheers for the work this gent does.

Of course, the conference wasn't JUST educational. It was fun too! Like, what!, Bon Jovi concert? Hillary Clinton in the house? (look at how many phones are out during Hillary versus Bon Jovi haha)

After a week of Greenbuild I stayed an extra day to catch up with a High school friend, and after a long night of 'unwinding' we schlepped ourselves around to see some touresty (Liberty bell for the win!) and artsy sights. Namly...where Rocky worked out...

Aside from that being an awesome draw to see the art museum, and I know, you are supposed to look at the art at these places (which, omg was awesome) THE FLOORS. I just, can't get over how beautiful, detailed, GUSH.

I always thought that putting in new wood into a space with existing wood would (haha) be difficult. Matching colors/sizes seems like a chore for it to just look mediocre. BUT what do we have here? Just change out the orientation, put a sweet transition strip of herringbone and be like whaaat new wood? It was supposed to be this way!

Anyways, after getting home and watching the Vikings TIE (what? Football is harrrd), and going to see Hunger Games (omg, amazing.) I decided to buy a bag on concrete (the obvious next move right?). p.s Don't act like a strong baller like you can carry a bag of concrete out of Home Depot like it ain't no thang and refuse help the entire way. YOU CAN'T (which is why I went to the gym early this morning). shame. 

Wondering what i'm making? Well, it's drying so I can't tell you now. But maybe later, k?

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