Hutchy McHutcherson

Another week, another restored piece of delicious cabinetry. A few weeks ago a co-worked dropped off this gem to my house. It was dated, both in the stain color and in the decorative etching on the cabinets. I spent some time sanding down the doors, removing the glass and then got to work modernizing it. 

It took 2 coats of primer and about 4 coats of BM Simply White in semi-gloss which provides a nice finish for furniture. I added knobs to the bottom doors and put a little ORB finish on all the hardware to tie it all together. I reinserted the glass panels, and... here she blows!

I love how the white really brings out the depth to the molding in the piece. The ORB handles provide some contrast and functionality, there is even a nice little light inside. Now it just needs to find a deserving home...any takers!

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