Oh, Hallow's Eve.

As per usual, my friends and I went all out on Halloween. Hinting on our love of childhood memories, we played on a past theme and went with Disney Villians. Can you tell who is who in the photo below?!

Everyone nailed it, if I do say so myself. 

Can ya tell who the boyfriend is?

A popular theme this year, minions! But I especially love the Gru costume!

This one is just hysterical because that beautiful lady is from Austin, MN (home of SPAM!)

Also a tradition, dressing up for our soccer game. Cruella would have been a bit difficult in cleats running around, so in an effort to wear my forever lazy (if you recall it was a key ingredient to my last year's costume) I went as a Care Bear! I would like to note that we have a history of losing our Halloween Game (probably a combination of running in a costume and laughing at a Winnie the Pooh, or a Peter Pan run across the field)...BUT this year we TIED. So we have that going for us... 

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