No more naked trees!

Our house exploded this weekend with holiday decor. Lights! Everywhere! Trees! Fake presents! Hang ALL the Santa hats!!!!! But, at the end of the day there was onnnne thing missing. The tree was a little noodiepants. I went straight to Pinterest for some inspiration and was off to the fabric store (which was conveniently having a HUGE sale...all the stars aligned).

I wanted this to be a quick task which could be done whilst watching Bravo, and a cheap one (yay sale!). 

1 yard of felt fabric
9.5 yards of fun rope
String to match the rope color

First, measure your felt and make sure it is exactly 1 yd x 1 yd...sometimes they get cut a little wonky. Then fold the fabric in half...and then half again. You'll cut along the 4 free ends of the square, so that when you unfold it later it'll be a circle!

Trace an arc using chalk (the free ends of the fabric are at the top right corner of the picture below)

Protip: To trace an arc I used string and some chalk. Hold one end of the string in the bottom left corner (opposite the open ends) and measure out the length of the radius by placing the other end of the string at the bottom right corner. Place some chalk in that hand and, keeping the left side still, trace from one end to the other. The string will make sure the radius is the same the entire way through.

Once the arc is drawn, use a sharp pair of scissors to cut along the line. You will also need to make one cut from the exterior of the circle to the interior (length of the radius) to allow the center of the tree to sit in the middle of the skirt.

If you have a large tree trunk, you can also cut out a small circle in the middle of the skirt for extra room!

Once your skirt is cut, open it up. It should be a perfect circle with a slit through it. Now is the time when you can sit on the couch with a needle and thread (or whip out the 'ol sewing machine) and get to stitching the edging. What's great about this, is it hides any cut imperfections in the felt! Not that there are any...right?! To attach the rope I started at the slit (as that would sit behind the tree) and made my way around the circle to the other side of the slit.

There you have it, a super easy tree skirt! What's great about the felt is how stiff it is, I don't have to worry about it bunching up or moving around on the wood floors AND I didn't have to sew any fraying edges. Victory!

Also, aren't tree skirts just kinda a funny idea? Actually, the whole tree-in-the-living room thing  is also kinda funny... Jim Gaffigan feels the same way...

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