Soft Fluffy Goodness

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and have a short week again this week to ring in the new year. Here in Minnesota, we are struggling with negative temperatures all week, which makes me want to snuggle up with a million blankets and not come out until March. Unfortunately, I can't, well...I could try. But in an effort to bear mother nature for the next few months, copious amounts of clothing must be worn. And such clothing will need to be WARM, and comfy! So, I had the bright idea to age myself 50 years and take up knitting! And, I love it. It's making my Bravo TV sessions much more productive.
AND LUCKY YOU! I will be selling these scarves on my Etsy site! More colors will be added, but I am currently sporting the grey and I love it, so soft and fluffy. The maroon scarf has a beautiful punch of color.

Side note: taking a picture of yourself is a very funny thing. Which is why I had to crop my face out, I look very...mischievous in the images for some reason...
Anyways, Have an excellent week and don't go too crazy on New Years. If you plan to, make sure you buy a scarf so at least you are warm and stylish doing it :)

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