You are ready now: an exciting announcement!

A few weeks ago I was at yoga, laying on my mat (already drenched in sweat) waiting for the instructor to begin class... secretly hoping I could just take a nap as the room was warm and quiet. At this particular studio, the instructors begin class with a quote or phrase that stuck out to them, in an effort to set an intention with the class. In this particular class the instructor read a poem which ended in "you are ready now." She continued to encourage us to push ourselves further in our practice, but I got something entirely different out of it. Last year I published this post, about my goals and intentions for the next year. A few I have accomplished, a few I have continued to push to the back burner for various excuses. My main excuse though, was that I didn't feel that I was ready to push send. To design what was in my head, to send that e-mail, to ask

Since that class I have began to make some shifts, looking at some of the larger goals in my life. One of these goals was to open an Etsy shop. Not knowing where this would take me, or what would come of it, I thought, why not now? 

So, I did just that. So is the birth of Greetings by Chance

Still in it's early, testing period I hit Publish. heavy breathing. You'll see an added tab at the top of this 'ol blogger. You can click that to be redirected to the Etsy shop and buy your brains out in Christmahanakwanza gifts! Or, if you have really boring walls in your home or office, these might help spice up the space!

What will be sold is a mixture of graphic art and photography from my globe trotting days. I hope to add some wood burning products soon, first I need to practice that steady hand :). I hope you find a little bit of happiness in them, check them out here and let me know what you think!

Wondering where the shop name came from!? My dear grandfather is a bit of a computer whiz and each year for our birthday he'd send a card with a catchy joke inside with some clip art. On the back instead of the typical Hallmark sign, there'd be a little insignia for Greetings by Chance - always made me smile!