Big Moves, Literally

Big moves have been made in my family recently. A few homes were bought (said so casually). I may or may not be the future owner of one (obvi more on that laterz), BUT....

This week lil sis moves into her very first home! Three cheers for growing up and making moves! She closed on Tuesday, so we headed over to help her unload a few things into the casa. I wanted to bring a little gift that would be helpful for her move (my first thought was a bottle of vino...). She doesn't have many (if any?) tools in her arsenal which is tricky when it comes to hanging pictures and getting things settled in the new house. So I've compiled a cute bucket full of goodies which will help making her house feel like a home.

-Hammer and Nails: this includes anchors for a few heavy objects she is going to be hanging on the walls. There is nothing worse than having cute accessories with the wrong installation tools (ask me if I've used a rock as a hammer before...) 

-Screwdriver with inter changeable heads: this is such a great invention. Multiple tools in one, efficiency people.

-Level: This is a fool proof in case a few bottles of vino are being consumed whilst decorating (does anyone else do this?!). Nothing is worse than hammering holes into freshly painted walls and realizing you just hung up a 20 lb mirror at an angle. This little guy should do the trick.

-Tape Measure: This surprisingly comes in handy often while moving (will the couch fit through the door!?) 

-A plant: Although I tend to kill plants I still love giving them as gifts. You should always have something that is alive in your house, and plants help filter the air and are so colorful/pretty. This little guy will fit right in. 

-A cute bucket: Because its better than fitting it all in a shoebox?!

Congrats on the house little sis! I can't wait to see you mowing lawns and shoveling driveways :)


  1. Such a cute house warming gift :) All of your edgebrook pins have been so fantastic... I can't wait to hear more!

    1. Aw thanks! Should be a fun little project :)