Carpet in the bathroom is so....last weekend.

I hated the carpet in the bathroom so much that I didn't even have time to take a good enough picture of it before I was ripping it out. You can see a little of it in the picture below. Same color as the toilet seat cover, so that was festive. 

I grabbed the corner and started peeling it back. Prior to ripping my HOPE was that the carpet would come up, I could chisel the carpet glue off the pristine tile, and the floors would be awesome and done. Silly, silly girl. 

Started out okay, then this.

Which, looking at the photos LOOKS okay. However when you walk on the tile there was a nice....crunch. Water had gotten under the tile (probs from soaking in the carpet) and damaged the adhesion. So, simple fix, chisel the tile off, and re tile. BOOM easy. haha...jk lolz.

The tile came up super easy (victory!) unfortunately, mr.homeowner not only tiled under the vanity, but then build the vanity to withstand a bull trampede. So that was sups fun to remove. I didn't want to sledge hammer the thing because the bathroom has this weird angle-wall-door situation where a standard vanity wouldn't fit. I could just install a pedestal but then I would loose ALL the storage in the bathroom. So salvaging the vanity was crutial for a happy functional bathroom.

So. Step one, remove vanity. This required a trip to the HD (second of the day!), the sink wasn't installed with a shut off valve, which would have been OKAY if this would have been an hour fix, but we knew it wouldn't. So we removed the cabinet, installed shut off valves which brought us here...

In older homes, for whatever reason, people used galvanized metal pipes. What is a bummer about those is that these pipes rust, so water flow decreases over time and you might see a nice amber color in your sink (rust). This is the case in my house. The home inspector let me know that water flow in the house was low but not detrimental, so I knew at some point these pipes might have to be replaced. After ripping everything up, we thought it might be a good time to get a quote for these babies to be replaced, stay tuned for that awesome mess.

BUT! The fun doesn't stop there. After ripping up the tile, we removed the toilet so new tile could go in. Unfortunately, under the tile is about 2 inches of concrete with a wire mesh...

 It ALLL needs to magically come up so I can put new underlayment down and install the new tile. 

Looks like I have a date with a chipping hammer!

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