Carpet removal: Round 1

First on the list was removing the carpet on the first floor. I want to refinish the floors before I move in to save myself from saw dust in my ears and varnish up my nose and into my brain.

Tools needed for successful de-carpeting party to occur:

Removing carpet is pretty straight forward, you use a crow bar to loosen the corner of the carpet.

Peel it back and rip it off the perimeter nail beds. A good yank should do it. 

Use a utility knife to cut out sections. We cut sections around 4' wide to make them easier to carry around. Then, just roll them up and haul them out. The carpet pad comes up pretty easily. Grab some heavy duty bags and bag it up as you go. 

We hit our first hiccup when the owners left a few pieces of furniture behind (long story, they just did). Most of it we moved/removed successfully, but this couch was not willing to fit through the door and we didn't care enough to carry it out the front door/take down door jambs. So, we grabbed the circular saw. Sorry for the blurry picture below, I just really like this one because I started out  with good intentions of sawing it in half. The saw literally only cut through the fabric and died. And then I got scared and gave it to my Dad. Then him and the boy sawed/donkey kicked it into several pieces.

I wish I had more process pics/videos of this because it was funny/awesome. The couch was very well made (shoutout to Lazy-e-Boy for making REALLY STRONG couch frames) and we were lacking in the proper tool realm, so we had to get creative.

Once the carpet/carpet pad/pleated curtains were out this place started looking like it belonged in 2014. This is also the step that my mom came in and saved the day. 

She went staple crazy and make the floors walkable. Some of the staples were elevated so they could be picked off.

Others held strong and needed to be pried out.

THEN, once those staples were removed, we removed the nail beds around the perimeter of each room, hid the holes with some wood glue and smiled at our work. 

All in a day's work! Literally, it took us a day. Next up on the hit list: bathroom carpet...your days are numbered...

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