House Tour: THE BEFORE!

This past weekend we broke our backs demo-ing the house. So what perfect time to take a look at some 'before' pictures so I can remember that we got somewhere and didn't keep running into road blocks. My accomplices this weekend were my Dad, Mom and The Boy. My dad helped me over every road block we encountered; i'd literally be staring at a vanity wondering how I could wish it away if it weren't for him. My mom removed around 2 billion staples in my wood floors and then, after laughing at me, filled them with wood putty. And the boy showed me a side of himself I had never seen - drop kicking a couch and breaking it in half...whaaaat! So, successful weekend thanks to those three super heroes.

BUT! Back to the before's. 


The exterior is in pretty good condition. I'll more than likely need to add a french drain to the left side of the house to help with some draining issues, and I see a cute pop of color on the front door in it's future.


The back of the house is also semi-legit. The awesomely cute awnings are...not my style. So those will be gone come summer. I'm also scheming for a deck off the right side (which would connect to the dining room). There are some issues with ice-damming on the right side of the house, insulation will need to be added asapies to solve that ish. 


Please step into the 50's with me for a moment. The kitchen is semi-functional but not adorable. I have some plans to refinish the cabinets and paneling, and put in some new fixtures to jazz it up a bit.


The bathroom on the first floor has jumped up to the top of the demo list as of this weekend. The tile on the walls are in really good condition, and the shower/toilet are more than likely from this century. The vanity and flooring (which started as blue carpet!) will be first on my hit list.


The living room came with everything you see here. Anyone out there need some pleated drapes? This woman was allll about them. Just ask my mom, who tediously took them all down. And seriously it was like the heavens parted and light beamed in. So glorious. Anyways. That gem on the right is a vintage record player THAT WORKS. So that's awesome. And the couch...yeah....that got sawed/donkey kicked in half and is now in 4 pieces. Anyone need a couch...assembly required!? SO, carpet-peace out, paint on the walls and this room is good to go!


The two bedrooms on the first floor are decent sized and don't need too much work. They are both getting an immediate upgrade to wood floors once this carpet peaces out! Oh yeah, and more pleated drapes, yo.


Who invented paneling with holes in it? Like intentional fake knots in the wood. It looks like some kid took a knife and hit the walls with it for dayyyys. So, that needs to be fixed. The upstairs has a large bedroom with a million (accurate number) closets and a little area for an office. This space is poorly insulated and the doors into the rafters are not sealed properly. So that will get fixed, in addition to new carpet and some paint.


This laundry room is larger than one of the bedrooms. And I love it. For someone who despises doing laundry, this room makes it less horrible. This house, as you'll come to find, has cabinets on every single wall. All, probably, homemade by the previous owner, which is dope. The washer and dryer have been fighting for a few years but I think we worked it out, so we'll move them closer together to be buds. 


This work room trumps all workrooms  for the rest of time. I know it might not look like it, but it will. And i'm pretty sure i'm going to find more random things in the rafters of this basement than one can find at a hoarders convention (wood, paint brushes, random pipes, speakers...just to start a list...). It needs some paint and a little face lift, but it has some amazing storage, shop vac, and lights at every corner (which, we can't figure out how to turn on...)


I can just picture it. I'm SURE they hired an interior designer who was like "WALLS, PANELING, EVERYWHERE, EVERY CABINET, ALL THE THINGS!" But, shucks, they missed the ceiling, aw that would have been dope (not). So, in true vintage form, wall to wall paneling and orange carpet. 


Thought orange carpet was ugly? What about a nice red/maroon pattern? This is the second bathroom in the house, and has a corner triangle toilet which give it 2 point of coolness...

SO, there you have it. The full Monte of the house. Lots to do, little steps at a time, but we will get there guys. We will make this house look awesome and adorable. But first I need a back massage. Come back later this week to see why!

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