Just keep digging...

Once the cabinet was out of the bathroom, we needed to dig down to the floor boards to start with a fresh slate. The concrete was already cracking, as you saw, and I didn't want to risk tiling over it and having cracked tile in a year. I'd cry, and have to start back at square one, which sounds horrible. So, knowing that I'd have to tackle a few inches of concrete, I asked the guys at work (we specialize in concrete) what the best way for me to demo this. After a few suggestions involving dynamite, we settled on a chipping hammer. So that night I went to Home Depot to rent one. While renting it, I got a few "is it just you using this?" "If it were me i'd take this one, but you should take this one" and I settled on the smallest chipping hammer they had (I need to lift more weights, apparently)

This thing worked great. A project I didn't expect (but hoped!) to get done in one night actually happened. It works like a little jack hammer drilling into the cracks in the concrete. It broke it up into smaller manageable pieces that we could pry up with a crowbar.

Piece by piece we dug them all up until we saw the wire mesh. This was hiding under the concrete and was held down by little nails. We popped those up and ripped the mesh out to reveal the floor boards.

Such a glorious sight. the next step is to clear out the sides to make room to install the sub floor and underlayment which the new tile will rest on. To remove the perimeter tiles carefully, as to not ruin the wall tiles I used a mini-crowbar and a hammer to chip away at the grout. Then once it started to wiggle, I would reach behind the tile and slowly pry it out.

And now we are all set to install the subfloor! But that project is going to wait a bit while we handle some plumbing issues and make those wood floors we uncovered all new and pretty. T-minus one week until I move in, so hopefully this stuff gets done in record time! Cross your fingers for me :)


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