Swipe and Seal

Let's take a break in the big-overhaul projects and focus on a tiny little one that can save you from future big projects! Water. Water gets everrrryywhheere, and you need to make sure you are controlling this throughout your house. If water gets into places it shouldn't, it will start to rot/mold/bring on horrible things. So, look at all the places water is used (kitchen/bathroom, for starters) and look around the edges of your shower and counter tops. These joints need to be sealed. If they are not, water will wiggle it's way into the cracks, and into the cavity of your wall where it will have a water party turning the inside of your wall into all kinds of nasty. You won't notice this, until mold grows, or walls start to warp/rot. Not fun stuff. AND, it can all be prevented with a little tube of caulk. SO. Run over to the hardware store and grab a tube of caulk (comes in a few colors, we chose white) and some painters tape.

**note: if you are preggers, wear a mask. This junk has a nasty stench to it that you don't want your babies to huff

Our subject matter is my sister's countertops, see where the cracking/crumbling is? Water will get in there, it just, does. SO, tape the perimeter so you can get a nice finished edge when you are done. Leave enough room for the caulk to fill the edge, but not look like a huge line of caulk. Ya want it to be there, but not THERE.

Squirt a line of caulk along the joint. Wet your finger and press the caulk into the join smoothing it out a bit. Have some paper towels on hand to wipe off the excess.

Then, while it's still wet, remove the painters tape and marvel at your beautiful caulk line!

It's a nice little winter project, ya know, while we are stuck in this vortex of frigid weather, why not seal up our house a bit!

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