Bathroom Progress: The death march drags on

After waiting 24 (okay, 48) hours for the thin set to...set. I went in to tackle the grout (mere hours after moving in). Grouting is actually FUN. You spread this gunk all over the tile and press it unto the cracks, swipe it clean and wait about 20 minutes for it to set. Then you use a million sponges and buckets of water to gently swipe the tops of the tile free of grout. It was painless and had instant results. Something I needed.

p.s I'm not giving tutorials on how to tile because, it's kinda hard to hold a camera while your hands/body is covered in material that could ruin said camera. BUT, This girl has some AMAZING tutorials, so if you are interested in tiling check it out!

Glorious, white, clean tile.

 What's that you see there?? No, not the missing trim but...

A toilet! We have a semi-functioning bathroom! Finger snaps to my parents who, upon landing home from a trip to Nahlens (New Orleans), cruised up here to help this place look more habitable! 

Ah, we've come a long way...but are still missing something. Wondering about that beauty of a vanity? Well, it needed a serious face lift. As I mentioned before, this bathroom is shaped in a way that wouldn't suit a normal vanity...and having a pedestal sink in a main bathroom just doesn't seem efficient (where can I hoard all my headbands and scrunchies?!). So, now that the floors are done, i'm workin' on a little face lift for this guy, because, gross.

The outside is getting a gel stain treatment, and the inside is getting a fresh coat of paint

BUT THE TOP, the top I am trying something new. Well, newish. After seeing this and this, I knew it would be a great way to update the baby blue Formica countertops that once were. And don't worry about concrete being a porous material in a bathroom. Companies are getting smart and finding out what kids like me are DIYing and coming up with new products to help! So although the concrete i'm using isn't meant for this application (but still works for it) the sealer is. More on that later though, but here's a sneak peak between coats!

It'll add some nice texture to the space and will be perfect with some soft grey walls. I put the final coat of concrete on last night and i'm having it dry over this weekend (while I party up north and try to enjoy this horrible winter) so fingers crossed for a vanity reveal next week!

Have a nice weekend/valentines day/galentines day!

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