One Step Closer

This past weekend was one of those weekends that just had to happen, it wasn't going to be fun, but was crucial to keeping my move-in plans on schedule. My father and his friend (Roger) kicked my houses' arse ALL DAY Saturday. I'd share pictures, but images of new water heaters and plumbing just aren't all that jazzy.

Fun Fact: My old water heater was made the same year I was born! 3 points for coolness, -10 for not working.

Once the new one was installed (there's nothing like the touch of hot water after days of cold!) and the bathroom plumbing was updated (after 5 trips to the HD), they got to work on my bathroom floors. If you recall, we needed to lay some underlayment to put some cute tile on. Hardibacker is installed right onto the floor boards providing a stiff surface for the tile to get placed on. This underlayment needs to be flat and level to ensure the tile gets laid in the same manor. Roger  has installed tile many times and was willing to help; thank the lord.

We bought 2 sheets of 1/2" Hardiboard. This, along with the tile, will bring up the flooring level with the wood floor. I watched a few youtube videos (research for DIYing) of the installation of Hardiboard. Most people are using a thinset to keep the hardiboard in place and for covering the seams. Roger prefers a construction adhesive to keep the hardiboard in place, in addition to the 1 1/2" screws. Basically this stuff isn't moving, forever. Which is great because I don't anticipate wanting to tile this room again.

They started by cutting each sheet to size. The room has a weird angle, and the boards need to be tight to eachother, which made the cuts pretty tricky. After a dry-fit, they started installing the board to the subfloor.

ALL SET FOR TILE! The end, ah the end is near. The upswing of projects is coming closer. Although demo is fun, there isn't much better than relishing in a final product. I guess it's time to try my hand at laying tile! 


Now you see the carpet/pleated drapes/bland paint/awkward table...


 One room ready for move in, thanks to the painting skills of my mother. Oh geez, before and afters (well, progress) are just so great.

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