Project ADD & Carpet Removal round DEUX

I'm in the middle of about 35345 projects in this house, and I work on each of them for about 5.6 minutes a night, which is why nothing is getting done, just half done. I start a project, then I need a hammer which drags me into a room with another project, work on that for a little. Then I go and grab a glass of water and see a third project, slop a coat of paint on that...and the cycle goes on. All night. Which is fine, but I go to bed feeling unproductive and unable to see that anything was accomplished. BUT last weekend, after a month and a half of work, I took a break and spent the weekend up north.

Such a fun weekend, and I'm so glad we started this tradition last year! Winters are horrible in Minnesota, taking the time to spend the weekend hibernating with some pretty great people make it so much more bearable.

We got home on Sunday and after eating my weight in cookies and cupcakes all weekend I had some energy, which needed to be capitalized in this here room:

It's the upstairs bedroom/office/closet space. This area will be getting some nice new carpet so I had to start prepping for that. By the end of the afternoon the carpet and 8 million associated staples were up! The space was already looking better.

Ugh, so much dust in that carpet! For a space which appeared relatively unused it sure knew how to pack on the disgusting. Oh, see that fluffy pink stuff there? The Insulation Party of 2014 HAS COMMENCED. More on that later, because let's talk about THIS hot mess.

I've showed you these walls before, but like whaaaaaat went on here? I showed this picture to a guy at Home Depot to see how I should fix the holes and I kept getting "I've never seen that before!" (which I've been hearing alot in this house...) He suggested this epoxy shizz that people use to fill holes in CARS. Uh, first, no. So I went up to another employee (BY THE WAY, HD has employees coming out of the WOOD WORK in that store, go to Menards and GOOD LUCK finding anyone. And when you do they'll give you the 'tude...SHOULDAKNOWN insulation was in the warehouse! my fault.) and he had 3 suggestions (one being the car situation). So what did I do? Try all three to let you know what worked best? 

HA. Chose the cheapest/largest tub and ran.

It was a spackling paste and so far has worked. I of course ran out, because a GALLON wasn't enough. So a little sanding and touch ups are left before the priming and painting party can begin. This stuff is the consistency of cake frosting (doesn't smell as delicious though) so that was cool. This weekend I'm tacking whats BEHIND those walls (hint: very little insulation). Gotta beef those up so this room is a little more toasty! 

I hope you all are having a good week, drive safe through this blizzard tonight!

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