Carpet Prep and Huffing VOC's

Let's roll back for a hot second and remember where we started, just to feel extra accomplished today...

The furniture was removed/sold, the carpet was removed, insulation was added, and we prepped for some paint. The next step was to fix a few things that would be hidden with the carpet and needed to be addressed now - missing/broken floor boards, squeeky floors/stair treads, and this...a railing. 

First of all, let's see past that it's actually an outdoor railing. It's what I inherited so i'll love it just the same. The guy who inspected my house noted that it would need a fix/change since it was so wobbly. Railings, to meet code, need to withhold around 250lbs. The end that isn't attached to a wall can be bent a good 6" from side to side, which isn't so safe. After exhausting a few alternatives (Build a new railing! Buy a custom one!) my options were few and expensive since typical lengths are 6' and 8'. Guess how long mine is?! 7. SO, option C, have your father lug over 3 tons of welding equipment to attach a sturdier plate to the bottom! #victory ah, he's such a trooper. 

While he was working on that, we (mom, boy and I) cranked out this:

SO much brighter/cleaner/beautiful, dontchathink?!

Now I just need some carpet/painted doors and this room will be deemed DONE.


  1. Jenn, it looks wonderful! I especially love the detail of updating the built-ins. Would you perhaps write a little something about how you decided to go with carpet versus refinishing the floor boards?

    you are awesome!

  2. Thanks girl! So, should have probs taken more pics of the floors. Although they look decent in the pictures, they were pretty beat up and the previous owner put a bunch of metal plates (one can be seen in the railing picture above) all over to lessen the squeeks in the boards. Although I LOVE the look of a nice white painted baseboard floor, the room needed some cozy-ness!