Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls...unless you are installing carpet...

FUN FACT about the TLC HIT song Waterfalls: Cee-Lo Green sang backup - crazy huh.

Anyways, why are we talking about Waterfalls? WELL, did you know that there are TWO ways to carpet a staircase? K, maybe if you've never carpeted before you fall into this bracket. But I had NO idea I would have to make decisions when Carlos and his crew were here installing carpet (if you know me, decisions can sometimes paralyze me, which they did here). He helped me weigh the pros and cons of each and I googled a million images and I THINK I made the right decision.

So, there is the Waterfall and the Hollywood:

Initially I wanted the Hollywood, not sure what drew me to that but it seemed right. Then Carlos pointed out that some of my treads overhang more/less than others, and the landing doesn't hang over at all. So the first few steps will look a little wonky. After some quick research on google images, I agreed that the Waterfall was the way to go.

The carpet install took 6 men 2 hours to complete. It sounded like they were demoing the walls up there so I was a little nerv as they went along, but super happy how it turned out. I chose Morocco Sand which is a neutral tan with a little variation in it, in a low pile.

Wanna see some before and afters of this beast?!

Before and afters are just so great. So fresh and so clean clean.

Happy Friday!

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