SO, during my inspection my inspector (If I ever (never) become an inspector, totes dressing up like inspector gaget #themepartiesforlife) was all "there are power lines resting on your roof" and I was all "maybe they are tired?"

Turns out, once the snow melted they were still hangin' low. So, having NO idea what to do, I e-mailed Xcel totes thinking they'd be all "ummm you have to pay an electrician with your first born child and 800 gems" or something equally reasonable. 

MUCH TO MY SURPRISE!! Xcel was like "yo girl I gotchu, unless a catastrophe happens we will be there soon okay lylas!" And as I came home from work I saw this nice young man on my roof manhandling my power lines and raising them up to a less concerning height! #winning ...excuse the rouge directTV dish laying in my yard. Trying to keep things classy around here?

In other news....trucks are funny.

And St. Patty's day was a hit! Three claps for these dudes for waking up early for the Get Lucky Run!

Have a nice weekend!

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