Order of Operations

When performing any sort of renovation, there seems to be an order of operations to what is done first, and what is done last. When I ordered the carpet for the 2nd floor bedroom I was told multiple times to wait to paint the room before the carpet was installed. It makes sense, installing the carpet will likely scratch the paint (paint needs about a week to fully harden). As the carpet install date crept closer, I was feeling a little rebellious.

Basically I had two options. 1 - Paint the walls/ceiling before carpet is installed, and touch up the nicks after installation. 2 - install the carpet and try to delicately paint the walls/ceiling post install, and cry if any drips land on the new carpet.

Option one seemed less stressful. Also, painting walls and ceilings isn't the cleanest task. So, in an effort to save thy carpet, this past weekend every surface of the 2nd floor bedroom was painted...multiple times.

Here's how it went down:
Thursday: First coat on the Ceiling, built-ins and trim
Friday: 3 coats on trim (trim done!), 1st coat in closets
Saturday: 2 coats on closets (done!), 2nd coat on ceiling (done!) 1st coat on walls
Sunday: 2nd coat on walls (done!), first coat on doors... fall to the floor in exhaustion

THANKFULLY I had an army of help this weekend - the typical suspects of my parents and boy. This room is pretty large for one person to paint - SO thankful for their help!!

There are times during a renovation where I accomplish alot, but it doesn't feel like it. So I demo something to feel better. Is there a support group for this? Anyways, these built ins needed some TLC and on Thursday night I felt a little underproductive. They were painted a blue (which just wasn't going to work) and some nice laminate on top (also blue). So the plan is to paint the cabinet the same color as the trim and jazz up the countertop a bit.

Laminate counters are essentially strips of material cut to size and glued onto wood. Well the glue was not doing it's job and the corners were loose. Two options here. 1 - glue the tops back on and deal with a light blue laminate counter top. 2 - Rip it out and figure out a better solution.

I think you know where this is headed...

Aside from the laminate shards that would rocket it's way to my face (thank god I was wearing safety glasses!) It was fairly simple to remove the laminate. HOWEVER the laminate extends INTO the attic. So that was fun to rip out. But anyways, it's done.

 The carpet is getting installed on Tuesday, so stay tuned later this week for the full monty! Needa little sneak peak at the paint job?!

Happy Monday!

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