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I had a post ready today about construction debris and a broken furnace (fear not, it's now fixed!), but something has come to my attention that trumps that post. Some of you may have seen in the news of World Vision's employee policy change a few days ago. I'm not here to start a political debate or push my beliefs on anyone, but something about it made me angry.

So the gist of what happened:
A christian organization said it would hire same-sex people (celibacy policy still stands)
2,000 children lost their sponsorship because people were angry
The organization retracted, children are still left unsponsored.

The news is blowing up about it here and here if you'd like more information on it.

SO many children, who had aid, are now left without because people forgot the reason they were sponsoring. It's not to prevent gay's from working or aiding in the advancement of our society (all great things!), it's to help those in need. There is a relationship that gets built overtime between the children and their sponsors. Letters written, photos sent - some people even travel to meet their sponsee (a word?!) in person. How does someone explain to these children that their sponsor is no longer based on an employee policy change? And I get it, it's a Christian organization who ultimately need to abide by such ruling. But is a True Christian someone who would leave a child without help?

Little Lilian!

Anyways, if you have ever thought about sponsoring a child, the need now is more than ever.I've sponsored a child through this organization for a few months now, Lilian, who lives in Guatemala - she will continue to be sponsored.  (I had a goal last year to help someone who could never repay me, and I will continue to do that until Lilian turns 18!) Click below to join me :)


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