The Cherry on Top

This past weekend we finally hooked up the sink in the bathroom and set up furniture all house-like. It feels amazing. I know the renovations in the house weren't super drastic and I was still with full amenities for the length of it - it's still a bit draining coming home to a construction site each night, living like you are on a camp site at times. I chalk it up to giving me better survival methods in case of an apocalypse! Anyways, now comes the fun part in buying a house - the finishing touches! Although this step will likely take aboutttt a year, with a jillion DIY crafts along the way, it excites me. 

So the upstairs, let's talk those little built-in's on the side. Started out as blue drawers with some blue laminate tops...not tooooo shabby - note the previous owners paint job on the some yellow over flow?! Perhaps they didn't have blue tape back then?

So, we painted these babies (2 coats of primer rolled on, followed by 2 coats of simply white paint) to match the trim.

Side note: I really like built-in's. Although it limits the layout of a bedroom, in this case it works perfect. With the pitch of the roof on either sides, long dressers will not only clutter the space, but be tight to the knee wall. There is about 1' of dresser hidden in the attic with these suckers. 

Right after finishing all the major constructiony things upstairs, I was ready to install some final touches. Most are borig non-mentionables, but the tops of these suckers needed to be addressed. As they were, the counter space was 7", which was a little awkward. So, in an effort to beef them up, and hide some of the gluey particle board that resulted in the great de-laminating of 2014, I put a cherry plank on top.

A few coats of poly to seal it up and highlight some of those pretty knots, this baby is donzo!

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