Increasing the FUNction.

This house came with AMPLE storage. Like every wall in the basement is covered with cabinets, storage. Today's focus is in the kitchen, because I spilled rice. I have found that the order of renovations in this house has a lot to do with what annoys me the most at that particular moment. So, a few weeks ago, I went to make some rice, casually. Upon returning said bag into the back of the cabinet it bent in the most perfect way to only spill it's entire contents all over the cabinet/counter. ::sad face::

The cabinet above has officially been dedicated to food. It's a huge cabinet (although, not ideal for my 5'4 self), but now that there are three humans living in the house things got cramped, and it all came to a halt when I tragically spilled the bag of rice. Also, there was a spice jar issue that needed to be handled. I bought one of those spinny turntable thinggies for spices, it works well but we had a massive overflow...

Thankfully, in the abundance of cabinets, there lay a not-so useable space. The previous owners used the tall cabinet to the right to store around 20 mops/brooms suited for EVERY surface imaginable. Some of the contraptions I had never seen before - Broom with an awkward vacuum feature? Unfortunately, most of the items were broken/gross/I didn't know the use of it. So I move the two items I do use (broom/swiffer) to the hall closet and decided these needed a few shelves to host some pantry-ish items.

First, I mapped out a few layouts and found that three shelves would work best. I wanted them to be tall to fit some larger items. After taping it out, I realized how deep these cabinets were and I didn't want some items to be lost in the cabinet-abyss, so I decided to recess the first shelf a bit, and lower the bottom shelf a few inches.

I had some leftover wood from the great 2nd floor renovation of 2014, which I used for supports. Make sure to pre-drill holes in wood to prevent splitting! Then drill some long screws into the studs of your wall.

Next, realize that you need a table saw, and use a circular saw to cut the shelves. I just used some pine boards for these. Initially, I was going to leave the shelves as they are in the image below. I'm planning a kitchen makeover in the coming months (years?) where these cabinets will get major-beefed up, so I was going to hold out. But again, when something annoys you (seeing the supports), it moves to the top of your list.

So I used a little molding strip to cover the edge. Nailed it in with my nail gun (new favorite toy), filled the holes and sealed the wood with some poly!

Next on my list was to handle some of the spices. I was going to build one of those tiered towers people use for spices, but realized it kinda wastes space, and then i'd have that weird turn table to figure out something to do with it. SO, I broke up the band of spices and put the plastic ones (because they are lighter) on the door (conveniently, these are also the most used) and the rest will chill on the turn table inside the cab.

First, I walked around home depot with a magnet to find the cheapest piece of metal to use (not aluminum!!). I found it in the HVAC isle, it's a vent cover for around $5 - came in a few different sizes which was niice #cuttingmetalishard.  

Sups easy - just cut a piece of magnet the size of the container, tape it to the back and voila!

I hung the metal with some 3M tape - I used 9 which holds 3lb. each, so it's not going anywhere soon. The magnets stick well, I might have to invest in some more heavy dusy shizz in the future of they fall - but works for now!

This little update has me excited to start a kitchen over haul....perhaps that will be moving up the list :)
Happy Friday!

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