My favorite place on EARTH

Happy Earth day everyone! go plant a tree or clean up your yard or something, give this beautiful place we call earth some lurveee! 

For the past decade, when spring break rolls around and the schedules in my family align, we head south to our home away from home. This place feels so familiar to us, we know all the best places to go (the beach) and the best food to eat (grouper). We have found little gems in the strangest of places (trailer parks!) and never fail to have fun. It's pretty hard to have a bad day when you spend the morning at the beach searching for unique sea shells, the afternoon on a deck drinking beers and playing Catan (new obsession!), and the evening getting fancy and eating dinner by the water.

This year was a much needed break after the polar vortex that was Minnesota all winter. We left after 6" of snow pelted the grounds - how our flight wasn't delayed is beyyyondd me. ::fist bumps to MSP:: We spent the week in our typical routine of events but switched it up one afternoon and went GOLFING when the winds prevented us from going on a little pooonntooon ride (I've always wanted to check out Cape Romano - hopefully next time!). 

Oh and a few things we learned whilst on this trip (always a lesson!). 1 - BANANA BOAT SUN SCREEN IS HORRIBLE. My goal on the trip was to not become lobster status - imagine my horror when I failed ON DAY ONE. Prior to hittin the beach (i'm sorry, but I live in a frozen tundra all winter, I need to be in the sun and not under and umbrella, mmkay?) I put on SPF 30 all ovah my body, all thick-like. Then I put on my coverup and walked down to the beach. Fast forward 8 hours and a few more applications later and I am FRIED. But only in certain areas (the oulines of my swimsuit and my coverup). WHAT HAPPENED? Basically, after rubbing in my lotion, it then RUBBED OFF and onto my swimsuit and coverup (which don't need it as much as me). So basically don't use that product...mmkay?!

2 - You can have an allergic reaction to the ocean! So, I kinda already knew this because of a Red Tide epidemic a few years prior. But this wasn't the case this year...Day 1 (again, day 1!) my sisters and I took a little dipski in the ocean. The next morning? 'Lil sis had a swollen forehead. YUP, you read that right. Although hilarious, this little woman ALWAYS gets sick on vacation. So when she prevented an oncoming cold by downing vitamins, she was still struck! All was better a few days later but JUST her luck. 

Anyways, less chat, more pictures? Here you go! Oh, and obvi we had some jumping pics and some yoga poses - it's what we do, yo.

Shout out to my parents who planned this beautiful week together, love you both!

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