Canopy: Phase Uno

Remember what my backyard looks like? The theme was "cover all the things with metal panels!". I knew from day one the shade over the two windows out back had it's days numbered (more on that later this week!). Homie NEEDS that sunlight into the dining room. The canopy - seen as a metal tunnel - initially was on the hit list. BUT after a nice loooooong winter of not having to shovel up 6 steps (the tunnel leads down into my basement), I was semi-convinced it needed to stay. And by semi- I mean that SOMETHING needed to be there, but it just needed some help looking less...industrial.

This is about what I was thinking. We already got rid of the concrete/installed the rain barrel, so it was time to move east. Phase uno of the canopy project includes demo. As you can see from the poorly photoshopped photo above, I will be replacing the sides with wood slats and some planters. Initially I was going to replace the top of the canopy with new metal panels (the side panels don't fit on top, unfortunatly), but more on that in a bit.

So, with a few tools in hand I started unscrewing the panels to the frame, which seemed to gather much attention with the neighbors "whatcha doin girl?" followed by an offer to borrow tools anytime (thanks!) and their relation to the previous owner ... "my friend repaired the concrete here!" Cool story bro.

 Anywho, it took about an hour to de-screw the panels and rip them off. It was about this time that I was sick of unscrewing rusted screws and started to conjure up a plan B for "replace the top."

It was in a decent condition - it's a panel made of a fiberglass material + 60 years of gunk. So I grabbed a hose and a scrubbing brush and uncovered it's past 'beauty'. 

That section took  about 30 minutes of scrubbing by hand. Then I got smarter and called dad for the big guns (pressure washer)

Ah yes, much better. Not ideal as looks go, but it IS a roof, so we're rollin with it. 

Next up:
-Paint rusted frame
-Build wood structure (paint/seal)
-Repair concrete
-Attach wood structure

But first, time to keep this demo train rollin' with the shade over my precious windows...

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