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Yesterday was this little gem's birthday! So in cele we had a little grill sesh at my casa. We are a super low maintenance crowd (who are all on a budget in preparation for our next big adventure!) so beers and burgers on a warm sunny night made us all happy. To amp things up a bit for the birthday girl I put on my crafting pants and got to work! Strawberry cupcakes are a MUST, and for my little hippy girl, a flower crown. (don't mind my hole to china behind her, still trying to excavate that dern clothes line...)

First, I needed a cupcake stand to make these babies look regal as SHIZZ. Since I don't have one (i'm not exactly...the best my things don't typically need to be presented well either) I just glued two things together to make-shift one! A small pink bowl and a large plate. Should have chosen a plate without curves on the edge, but hey there's still glue in the world so you KNOW i'll be making more. HA.

I just used some construction adhesive, since I had it on hand. But liquid nails would work too! Then I just set something heavy on top and let it dry over night.

Oh, and cupcakes just aren't the same without a cute banner. I got handy and used paint chips (potential bathroom colors!), kite string, skewers and some tape. And yes, I did use a needle to thread the string through to make it look more LEGIT. It's all in the details, people.  (p.s the sign says HBDLG (happy birth day *initials*) will need smaller flags next time?!)

The headband was my favorite to make. This defiantly won't be the last time i'll be doing this. I bought a bouquet of flowers and some really thin jewelry-making wire.

I measured out a circle using the precise method of testing it on my head.

Then I added flowers by wrapping the wire around the stems EVER so delicately. I cut small pieces of wire to attach the flowers which made it easier to thread through.

And there you have it! A few easy crafts to spice up ANY day!

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