Make it Rain!...Barrel

Another beautiful weekend, another step forward on beefing up the exterior of this shack. This weekend I focused on the area below. Which was an interesting compilation of concrete and rocks shoved in making what looks like a water feature? There was a small drain in the middle of a very shallow pool...however this drain went no where. It fed into the middle of this concrete pile, meaning that there would just be standing water encased in concrete....super close to my foundation. I wasn't cool with this...also it was ugly.

The main motivation to getting this done was that I got a RAIN BARREL! And this would be the perfect location for it (right by a gutter). So, with that motivation in hand, I got to work. 

It came apart pretty easily with a few whacks of the hammer. Many layers of concrete held together by wire and a few dozen strategically placed rocks later, I found dirt.

There was a little the right of this. I was originally going to keep this as a foundation to my rain barrel. Unfortunately, it was hollow under the concrete, and once the rain barrel is full it will weigh much more than an inch of concrete can that got the hammer.

 Once I found dirt I started to create a solid base for the barrel. I used two pavers for the base, and then two additional ones to raise the barrel up a bit. Making this level is crucial. A tipped over barrel of water wouldn't be the BEST thing to happen...

Cutting the gutter is fairly simple. A good pair of scissors will work just fine. Wear gloves though - homie is SHARP. Once it was all hooked up, I covered the post-concrete area with some rocks and added a few planters.

Muuuuuuuch better. NOW it can rain, so I can water those little pots right there and get some pretty flowers up in HERE.

Sidenote, does ANYONE know what this is?!

Its back by my garage, It looks to be some sort of planter perhaps? Or a super old trash bin holder? Either way, it's encased in concrete...OF COURSE. I didn't feel like ripping up the street, so I did the obvious next option - paint it.

Once it dries i'll put some plants in it....until someone is like "haha wtf are you doing that's totally a ______" and then i'll be like...uh reuse?

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