Sans carpet in the bathroom round deux

Sometimes, things move to the top of your to-do list, quick. Like when after it rains a whole lot and your basement is extra smelly/musty because your exterior drain was covered in leaves so water was seeping through the door frame. Whoops my B, sorry house. 

Brick patterned linoleum dries a heck of a lot faster than beautiful red carpet. We both know that the previous owners were into the whole carpet-the-bathroom dance. UNFORTUNATELY, carpet in bathrooms doesn't function very well, you know with water being a primary resource in the space. 

After a few smelly trips to the basement, it was brought to my attention that this carpet needed to hit the road. *tear*...haha jk happy dance. About 5 minutes after this decision was made, it was up and out. Literally just peeled back one side and the whole thing lifted up. One nice soggy mess. What was....interesting...was that this carpet had the padding ATTACHED to it. So the black stuff you see below is just some of the padding left behind. 

Super easy removal. I kinda like the look of the concrete flooring, and this room wasn't going to seek my attention until the better part of next year, so we're going to stick with this for awhile. Kinda makes me wanna rip up that linoleum...

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